Laundromat, Wash and Fold , Drop Off Laundry Services Torran

Quick Service

Our Highly knowledgeable staff can wash and fold your laundry within a matter of hours and do same day laundry in one of our convenient locations, Wash and Fold in Gardena, Torrance or Inglewood. Like a Drive Trough Business, Come in for Drop Off Laundry Service, we text you to pick up. If you wish you can use the laundromat and do your own Laundry

Quality Products

Only the highest quality detergents and softeners are used to treat your laundry. They pair well with our 5 star fluff and fold service! We offer Eco friendly laundry detergents!  We treat it as if it were our own! You can bring your detergent of your choice, Tide, 

Friendly Service

We treat our customers like family. We can accommodate most requests and go out of our way to make sure every interaction is a good one. We even offer laundry delivery and discount coin laundry!!  You Should be happy or will do it right.