About Us

Stress Free Laundry Day

Do you want a laundry stress free life without laundry? Let Koos Nearest Cleaners, Laundry and Alterations do it for you. We do laundry and fluff-and-fold service with flair and prestige. We have "All Green" washers and dryers that are eco-friendly.

Let us spoil you and do the laundry for you. Bring in your laundry before 9AM and it will be ready the same day. You do not need to wait. Go grab a coffee or a bite to eat and by the time you come back your laundry will be done and folded in a clean bag.

Don't feel like driving? We pick up and deliver with no hassle for you. We keep all of our clients laundry separate when washing to avoid mix up and maintain quality of your laundry! We use conservative water cycles and double rinse only if needed. If you'd like for us to use a detergent of your choice, just let us know, Tide®, Downey®, Gain®, Arm & Hammer®, Oxi Clean®, Seventh Generation® and Dreft® Bubble! we’ll accommodate any request. If you’re not satisfied we’ll make it right! 

Lastly, we now have Tuesday "happy hour" specials! Come in for fluff-and-fold just 99 cents per pound! Don't forget to ask about senior specials, too! For your convenience, we honor and match our competitors prices and coupons. Life is too short to worry about laundry. Enjoy that extra time with family and friends. Koos Nearest Laundry and Cleaners is open 7 days a week! Entrust your laundry to us and realize an amazing laundry free life.