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Mike, our professional tailor, with more than 25 years experience can handle any repairs your garments may need. Simple seam repair and hems, as well as original hems and jacket alterations. We'll give you quality work at reasonable price. Friendly tailor for all types of alterations for men and women.

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No Job too Small!

At Koos Nearest Cleaners, Laundry and Alterations in torrance, we give every garment brought in for an alteration the same amount of attention to detail as the last. Meaning that everyone receives quality work at affordable prices! 

The following are the services we provide: Hemming in Torrance, Clothes Alterations, Suit Alterations, pants alterations (dress pants plain and cuff hem, take in waist, taper legs, jeans regular or euro hem, zipper repair), Pant suit alterations, Jackets, suits, coats, hem length, shorten or lengthen sleeves, casual dress, blouses, dress shirt, T-shirt, curtain alteration,  plain hem, clothing alterations, wedding dress tailor, replace zipper, length adjustment, resizing, hemming, dress alterations, jean alteration, sewing, buttons, hemming pants, Custom alterations in Torrance, and yes the same day alterations is available. We can deliver upon request and have weekend Alterations in Torrance. We honor other coupons and discounts!

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